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Bristle Cone Pine Company Logo

      Bristlecone Pine Inc. is a small family owned business nestled in the rural town of Romeo, Colorado. The company mission is to skillfully and artistically create one of a kind works of art that are both useful and intrinsically valuable for their customers. They strive to make quality jewelry boxes, gift items, and specialty items, improve customer relations, product quality, and delivery time. The purpose and goal of the business is to utilize natures products without destroying live trees but utilize the wood from dead standing trees of Bristlecone pine, Rocky Mountain Cedar, and Aspen.

      Cary Spannagel founded the company in 1994. His wife Geraldine and their three children Jeremiah, Joshua, and Jessie help him in the wood shop to create these beautiful works of art. Jeremiah and Joshua select only the best dead standing trees from a once thriving grove of Bristlecone pine trees. Then Cary carefully cuts, shapes, and reconfigures the wood grain maintaining the natural patina. The result... a quality handcrafted jewelry box to be given as gifts for many occasions and many uses.

      Products made from Bristlecone pine are rustic in appearance showing off the beautiful honey wood grain. The trees grow high in the Rocky Mountains at elevations of 10,000 feet and over. They are one of the oldest living things in the world. Ancient forest fires from 80 years ago and over left groves of dead standing trees, the main source of Bristlecone Pine products. All products made from Bristlecone pine are from 200 to 1200 years old.

      The idea for the product was obtained from old mountain wood-carvers in the mountains around them. The woodcraft is handmade and finished with a fine Danish oil and natural caranaba was. The drawers are lined with quality flocking materials that come in various colors. The bottom are branded with the Company logo or Company sticker and have four felt dots to prevent scratching of fine furniture.

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